1 out of 4 massage therapists in Quebec do not include Swedish massage techniques in their session

In a landmark study led by “SOINS PERSONNELS QUÉBEC” a few years ago, we find an important question that represents the non-regulated industry of massage therapy. The study is available to all for free on their website; and the question was shared recently on their Facebook page.

1 out of 4 massage therapists in Quebec
do not do Swedish massage in their session

This means the market is not homogeneous around Swedish massage – and adds much diversity through various modalities.

AQTN attempted to redo the study in 2014, but this time allowing respondents to choose between more than one modality. 71,4% choose the Swedish massage, almost identical to the original study ( 72%), however, as for the “Others”, the percentage shot up to 45%.

This allows us to infer that almost half of all Swedish-based rendered massages combine other knowledge and movements to their massage session.

As association, this information is important for the evaluating applications. For the public, this means that you may have to try different techniques (massage therapists) in order to find the one that is most suitable for you. This is great news because it means that millions of Quebec residents are perhaps only one session away from discovering the variation that will lead to a more balanced life, decrease stress and improve well-being.