Ministère de l’éducation, Dawson College et Concordia pas prêts pour accepter une formation en Massothérapie ou en Naturopathie

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One of the leading Student Associations at Concordia, voted that it would not be pertinent to support a project involving Naturopathy. Universities are, of course, shaping the future scientific society. The administration says they are tied, which is the message message from Dawson College. Both learning centers provided a similar response: the decision to include alternative medicine content resides with the Minister of Education.

As previously discussed in our blog (September 2016), the Minister of Education is very clear that their current position on alternative medicine, including massage therapy, is not to include it in curriculum.

The net result is that we must continue to rely on private schools, while the scope of practice will continue to be limited primarily to prevention.

To this effect AQTN has created or put in place an ethics module, an A&P challenge exam, A&P Powerpoint slides, a muscles reference guide, a Natural Healing course, a breakdown of techniques and approaches for massage therapy and naturopathy and an online overview of a core massage program.