Guide to Reading Massage Therapy Research

As therapists, we hear or read about the health benefits of massage therapy all the time, but rarely are there citations to scientific sources. AQTN published an extensive literary review compilation on massage therapy a few years ago that is backed by some of the most credible databases available on the web – however it has yet to be updated with new studies.

Research into massage therapy continues, with new studies and new results being published regularly. In order to stay up to date with the research, one must first learn how to understand it and know where to find it. We recommend taking this class wherever offered, as a “à la carte” course from the possible list of training.

For those who have not taken the mini-course, we propose to you a publication offered by the RMT education project that is a great primer for getting the basics.

It’s a rather lengthy read, but well worth it, please enjoy. Special thanks to Richard Lebert, RMT, for making this great resource.