Where medicine has failed, alternative approaches have risen.

Anecdote: A man had heart surgery to unclog some blood vessels because of cholesterol issues. We asked him if the doctor said anything about eating habits, nutritional habits, exercise, etc. The answer was, not surprisingly: No.

This type of consultation is often perceived as systemic problem. Doctors are doing their job as they were trained, with the time constraints that are imposed on them and with their knowledge of best-practices.

For trauma and acute care, conventional medicine gets an A+, but for chronic care it often gets a failing grade. It is precisely this failure that has led to the rise of what is sometimes called alternative medicine, or integrative medicine. People want help when the conventional medicine system fails to meet their expectations or needs.

Returning to our anecdote of the individual who had heart surgery – various studies show clients who have been able to reduce their cholesterol in less than a month. It is possible to go from over 5.5 to under 4.0 in just a few weeks with diet changes alone. Results such as this have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. It’s not new, not shocking and probably not surprising to you.

A recently published video entitled “The truth about cholesterol” was intended as a rebuttal to a Canadian TV documentary. It helped the man in our anecdote, and perhaps could help someone you know also:

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